Classic Snake for Mac

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Classic Snake is based on the classic snake game you might remember from early Cell Phones. Or - if you are my age - from 8 bit computers like the Commodore 64.

The game is simple: Eat as many of the dots as you can but do not run into yourself or any obstacles !

The more you eat, the longer you grow and the harder it becomes to avoid running into yourself. I guess greed doesn't pay :smile:

Classic Snake comes with many options beyond what the original offered to make the game more interesting. Here's a run down of the various options and controls.


  • From opening screen, choose one of 5 Speed levels: from 'Very Slow' to 'Impossible'


  • Choose one of the several boards . Each offes a completely different game experience and has a separate high score

Game Controls

  • The game is controlled by the cursor-keys or the WASD keys - both sets of keys are always available
  • Controls can be Directional or Steering (Select Control Type from settings)
    • Steering makes only left and right control keys active. The snake will turn counter-clockwise or clockwise with these keys. Think of it as 'steering' a car
    • Directional controls makes all four control keys active and snake moves in the direction of the key

Music & Sound

  • You can set Sound or Music from the main screen. Both can be turned off or on separately  

Skin & Theme

  • Classic Snake comes with several themes. These can be changeg from the game screen.
  • Press space-bar to pause: the "Back" and "Skin" buttons will appear near the top - click on these and good things will happen :smile:
  • You can also use the keyboard shortcuts K (sKin) and B (Background) at any time without even pausing the game

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • B : Change background
  • K : Change skin
  • P : From the game-over message, press P to start again (you can also click the message)
  • X : Mute the music (sounds will still play - both can be set from opening screen)
  • C : In the star-field background, it changes the direction of scrolling
  • M : Menu
  • Space-bar : Pause / unpause

Settings ⚙️

  • From opening screen, click the gears icon on the bottom left. This will open the settings screen which has more options

Snake Size

  • From Settings, Choose "Snake is"
  • Fat makes the snake segments bigger and there is less area to move on the board
  • Thin makes the snake segments smaller and there is more area to move on the board

Reset High Scores

  • High scores are maintained for each Board / Speed combination. So if you change any of the settings, you might want to reset high scores
  • From Settings, click on Reset High Scores

Initial Length

  • From Settings, Choose Initial Length
  • This setting is for Thin Snake only - it sets the initial length of the snake
  • A long initial snake will make the game more difficult more quickly

Snake Growth Rate

  • From Settings, Choose "On eating, grow snake by"
  • This sets how much the snake grows on eating each target. It can be 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10. e.g. if set to 5, the snake will grow by 5 each times it eats. The higher this setting, the faster the snake grows and the harder the game

Number of targets

  • From Settings, Choose Number of Targets
  • Set this from one to many. The fewer the targets, the harder the game  

Moving Targets ?

  • For an even bigger challenge, Choose "Moving Targets ?" from settings !
  • Choose No to make the targets stay in one place until eaten
  • Choose 'Every 5 seconds' or 'Every 10 seconds' to make the targets move every 5 or 10 seconds