hey, I'm farid 👋


I'm a tinkerer, developer, teacher, and analyst.

Survey Tool Saas

I'm also currently developing surveynxt.com as a simpler, easier and smarter survey tool


Apps are all for either the Mac or the iPhone. All are developed in in Xcode with Swift, SwiftUI, and Spritekit for games. They are mostly throwbacks to games from the 8-bit era. So you will find classics like breakout and snake game. I like to keep the games simple as I play them mostly to relax. In my opinion, a game should not cause more stress than it’s trying to relieve!


The blog is the home for my thoughts and opinions on various topics: technology, LLM, AI, the economy and perhaps philosophy. I enjoy writing, so I’ve been blogging, tweeting, posting and whatnot for a long time and my thoughts are all over the platforms. This is an attempt to bring them all in once place.

Professional Life

I’m currently on a break from my career due to personal reasons but in previous times I’ve worked in Telecoms, software, and the process industry.
Here’s my LinkedIn

Tech and tools for this site

This site is built with NextJS and hosted on Vercel.

I like to poke around technologies as they change and to try out different platforms - so my preferred platforms evolve. Right now I’m quite happy with:

  • NextJS with the new App router
  • Tailwind
  • MDX for all content, and a few custom libraries here and there.
  • Given that it is hosted on Vercel and linked to GitHub, I can blog by simply adding a new MDX file and pushing the project to GitHub- from where Vercel automatically picks it up and publishes it.