Simple Brickout for Mac

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Game Mechanics

  • Clear each board by bouncing the ball off the paddle. You lose a life each time the paddle misses the ball. The game starts with 3 lives and ends when all three lives are lost - unless you get an extra life power-up first.


  • You can choose Fast, Medium, or Slow speeds from the opening screen. Once set, the speed does not change during the game

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • K : Change skin 
  • Space-bar : Pause / unpause

Game Controls

  • Move the paddle using the mouse or trackpad
  •  You can also use the left and right arrow keys  


  • You get points each time you hit a brick
  •  At Slow speed, you get 2 points per hit
  •  At Medium, you get 3 per hit
  •  At Fast you get 5 per hit  


Power-ups drop down as you hit the bricks. Some are good, some bad

  • Grow / Shrink Paddle: Change the size of the paddle
  • Sticky paddle: Makes the ball stick to the paddle for the next 5 bounces
  • Lights out: Makes the bricks invisible until you catch the Lights On power up
  • FireBall: makes the ball go thru the bricks
  • Extra Life: Gives you an extra life  

Types of Bricks

  • Most bricks will take one hit to be knocked out
  • On some levels you will get invisible bricks - they take one hit to become visible and another to knock out
  • There are also multi-hit bricks which will take either 2 or 3 hits before they are knocked out  

Starting Board

  • Choose First, to start a game from Board-1
  • Choose Last Played to start a game from the board you played last
  • Note that the score always starts at zero, so to maximize your score, you should start at the first board, but if you just like to play new boards each time, select Last Played